Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Household Bugs -- Why Does This Fly Look Like a Moth?

"What the heck is a moth fly?" My wife waved the little brown bug away from her face. It was a good question. It seems fair to expect insects to fall into some general groups: beetles, dragonflies, butterflies, bees. Moths. Flies. But moth flies? 

But they do exist, and they are pests, though seldom very serious ones. Moth flies are basically what the name says -- they're flies that resemble little moths.

As you can see from this picture (courtesy of Wikimedia Commons), these little guys actually do look a lot like a furry brown moth. And flies are likely distantly related to moths, or the other way around: both Orders undergo complete metamorphosis, with a larva (caterpillars for moths; maggots for flies), pupa, and winged adult. 

But the moth fly is all fly, with a fly's taste for icky stuff. They especially like dirty drains and other sources of sewage and rot, and are generally a sign that the cleanliness of your bathroom, for example, leaves something to be desired. They especially like a neglected basement bathroom, but the place you're most likely to find them is in a less-than-fragrant gas station bathroom. Need we say more?

Getting rid of moth flies begins and ends with getting rid of their food source and breeding area. Attack the infested room with bleach and scrubbers, and you'll likely drive these annoying little flies out of your bathroom, and out of your life.

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all images courtesy of wikimedia commons

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